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As a paramedic, firefighter and Marine veteran, I have always dedicated myself entirely to serving people in need. As an attorney, I use the skills from my varying career experiences to make deliberate decisions and strategically problem-solve when handling your family law, criminal defense, estate planning, mediation and probate matters.

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Trusted Family Law Attorney & Certified Mediator
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Navigating Custody Battles: Unraveling Trends and Challenges in Child Custody Cases

“His journey through financial burdens and emotional challenges enriches the firm’s perspective, allowing for a more empathetic and nuanced understanding of the struggles faced by parents in custody battles.”

LA Weekly

Insights from John Hicks, Founder of The Hicks Law Firm, on Navigating Collateral Consequences

“The Hicks Law Firm emphasizes the pivotal role of comprehending both the charges and collateral issues entangled in a criminal case. Mr. Hicks advocates for informed decisions, recognizing that each case is unique and necessitates a tailored approach.”

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John Hicks Celebrates 14 Years of Transformative Partnership with Foyer Espoir Pour Les Enfants Based in Haiti

“John Hicks recounts his first visit to the orphanage . . . ‘The experience changed our lives,’ says Hicks. ‘We started going back regularly, witnessing the growth of these children. These kids, whom we’ve known since infancy, have become a part of our extended family.’”

Business Insider

The Hicks Law Firm Hits Remarkable Milestone Serving 500 Clients In Just 2 Years

“‘I live to serve, and that’s a big part of it,’ Hicks explained. ‘Building a company and a firm that values serving others, in whatever capacity that means, whether it’s the Marines, the fire department, or now, even as an attorney.’”

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A San Antonio Family Lawyer With Over A Decade Of Experience

As a family law and divorce attorney, it is my mission to make you feel confident you are in extremely capable hands. I will focus on providing creative legal guidance tailored to solving your individual issue. Having practiced family law for more than 10 years, I have the knowledge and skills to readily assist with mediation, divorce, child custody, child support and modifications. I understand family law is an emotionally charged practice area and take great pride in you entrusting me with your case during the most sensitive of times. While family law matters can sometimes be handled through mediation, I am also prepared to fight for you in court if necessary.

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“Professional. Efficient. Personable. The team at Hicks Law executed my dissolution expeditiously and fairly. Highly recommend their services. John & Philip have taken care of me every step of the way!”

Chad M., Travis County

“Since John Hicks has been my appointed attorney, I have finally received proper representation and RESULTS! His paralegal Phillip is awesome as well! They’re both relatable and class acts with an UNDERSTANDING of what your needs are…”

Kelvin C., Dallas County

“John Hicks has been great with my case, I have a large variety of people to get ahold of at any time, and all of my questions are always thoroughly answered with kindness. I am not afraid to ask questions and they are always patient with me…”

Aubrey A., Rockwall County

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Real-World Experience For Real-World Legal Solutions

My background involves thinking quickly to get people the appropriate help they need, and this ability to make immediate and fast-paced decisions serves me well in the practice of law, especially in a courtroom. As a paramedic, firefighter, and former Marine, I cannot stop when I am in a life-and-death situation, and, as an attorney, I will not back down from your case. I have helped many people in crisis situations, which has helped me to truly be able to relate to everyone I serve as real people. To best assist when you come to The Hicks Law Firm, I make it a point to explain the law in a way you can understand.

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Protecting Your Future And Rights Is My Priority

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John T. Hicks

John T. Hicks