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Resolving Texas Divorces Through Mediation

Most people envision a divorce as a heated battle in a courtroom with spouses fighting over everything from the kids to the kitchen sink. Thankfully, not every divorce needs to be resolved in such a complicated and difficult manner. Mediation offers an opportunity to settle a divorce on your terms in a way that is often faster and simpler than going to court.

I am Texas attorney John Hicks, and I am a certified mediator who can help you with your family law needs. My unique ability to problem-solve allows me to help families think out of the box to reach agreeable outcomes that everyone can benefit from during and after their divorces.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to trial, and during the process, a neutral third-party will act as a mediator to help both spouses reach a resolution in their divorce that they can be satisfied with. My time as a Marine, an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) worker and a firefighter has helped me keep calm in difficult situations and stay focused on what is important. At The Hicks Law Firm, my goal as your mediator is helping both sides through the divorce process while maintaining focus on what is important and avoiding pitfalls like infighting through negotiations.

How Mediation Can Benefit You

Mediation can have considerable benefits over taking a divorce to court. For example, when spouses work together, they can have the final say in asset division, child support, alimony and child custody agreements. They can also come to an arrangement that a court would not normally consider as being an option. Additionally, because only the spouses and mediators are involved, they can arrange their meetings on a schedule that suits their needs instead of a judge’s.

These and other benefits can help both sides in a divorce save considerable amounts of time, money and energy while coming to a conclusion that could be better than anything a judge would determine.

When Is A Case Right For Mediation?

Not every divorce can benefit the most from mediation. The best opportunities for mediation are the ones when both spouses are willing and committed to working together to resolve their divorce. However, when one spouse is holding onto grudges or acting out of spite, it can keep mediation from reaching the best results possible.

Learn How Mediation Can Help You During A Free Consultation

If you and your spouse are ready to meet with a mediator who can help you enter the next chapter in your lives, contact my office in San Antonio at 210-987-3059 or email me here. I look forward to helping you through your mediation needs.