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A Quick Overview Of Wills In Texas

Writing a will is one of the major ways to exhibit some control over an uncontrollable situation. It allows for your wishes and legacy to have a voice. It gives guidance to the family. It’s a kindness to the people that matter most.

At my firm, The Hicks Law Firm, I help my clients from across the San Antonio area write wills that will make an impact on their families. I provide skilled insight into the estate planning process and work diligently to ensure accuracy and legal clarity. I’ve put together some important pieces of information for you so you can use them to build your knowledge base before meeting with me.

What Should You Include In Your Will?

Frankly, anything you want could be in your will. Some things you put in may not hold legal water, outlandish requirements or demands for illegal actions come to mind. However, what you should include in your will is a bit different.

You should outline how you’d like your affairs tied up. You should list the person you’d want for an executor if you have a preference. You should include any wishes you have regarding the care of minor loved ones.

The Benefits Of Hiring A San Antonio Wills Attorney

A wills attorney will look to make your wishes as legally sound as possible. It’s all well and good to have a will that reflects your exact wishes, in your exact words, but the law has strict requirements. Your lawyer will help make the spirit of your wishes shine through.

What To Look For When Naming A Guardian In A Will

When naming a guardian for your minor children in your will, you need to look for someone who you have an immense amount of trust in. It doesn’t have to be a close family member, though it often will be. You want to know that the person who will help your children when you can’t is someone you can put your total faith in.

Who Can Be An Executor Of Your Will?

Anyone can be the executor of your will. However, the executor has a fiduciary duty to act appropriately on behalf of the will. The person you choose will have immense power over your assets and the resolution of your debts. It’s wise to choose someone with the skills and experience. It can be a trusted family member, but it could also be an organization or, in some cases, an attorney.

Get Answers And Guidance From Me

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