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When your family is facing a significant life event like divorce, navigating the resulting legal process on your own can seem impossible. When you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable guide through whatever family law issue you are dealing with, you want to be sure the Texas lawyer you choose is as committed to your needs as you are.

At The Hicks Law Firm, I am proud to serve the communities of Bexar and Travis counties. I am attorney John Hicks, and I am here to answer your legal questions while leading you to the outcome you deserve in whatever legal matter stands before you, like conservatorship cases, child support and spousal support, and divorce matters. My experience as a Marine, an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) worker and a firefighter all aid me in making difficult decisions, acting in my clients’ best interests, and keeping focus on what is important in difficult situations.

What Types Of Texas Family Law Matters Can I Handle?

I regularly take care of a wide range of family law issues for my Bexar County clients, including:

I am the lawyer my clients trust with all their family law matters, no matter how complex or sensitive.

Why Hire The Hicks Law Firm For Your Divorce Or Family Law Matter

I pride myself on thinking outside of the box when creating a personalized representation strategy for my clients. I know that every case I take is unique, as are the plans I develop for it. As your legal representation, I will be available when you need me, answer the questions you may have, present you with the options available to you, and help you pursue whatever course of action you feel is best for you and your family.

Most law firms will assign your case a file number, and from the day you hire that firm, you are known as file number “two zero two three – one five nine six”.

Not at The Hicks Law Firm.

Your NAME goes on my files. I and my paralegal know our clients as “Maria”, or “Kenneth”, not as a file number.

I know my client’s children’s names and what activities they are involved in. I understand my staff and I are dealing with people, not numbers, and as a person, I want to assist you during the toughest times you will experience in your life when dealing with a family law matter.

What You Should Look For In A San Antonio Family Law Attorney

Your choice of family lawyer matters. Ideally, you should work with an experienced family law attorney who has handled a variety of cases and situations successfully. They should be a good communicator who can break down complicated concepts into clear legal advice, answer your questions thoroughly and listen carefully to what you have to say. Perhaps most of all, you need a divorce lawyer who understands what your children and a reasonable settlement mean to you – someone who cares whether your financial and parental rights are respected throughout the process. A compassionate approach that makes you feel empowered and supported should help you get through your case more easily.

Do You Have To Hire The First Attorney With Whom You Meet?

No, you should never hire the first family law attorney you happen to meet with about your case. You should always consult with multiple attorneys to confirm that the lawyer you choose is right for you and your family. Even if you end up deciding on the first attorney you met with, this way, you will be sure that they are the correct choice for your legal representation.

When Is Mediation The Best Choice For Your Family Law Problem?

Mediation does not work for every family law matter, but when it does, it can help everyone take more control over their situation and save them time and energy in the process. When both sides of a legal issue, like a divorce, are willing to cooperate with one another, mediation can help them reach agreeable terms together rather than leaving the decision-making to a judge.

What Family Law Matters Can Mediation Resolve?

Mediation can help most family law matters when both sides are willing to cooperate. Common examples of these matters include divorce, child and spousal support negotiations, parenting time, property division, custody agreements and modifications of divorce decrees.

Can You Solve Your Family Law Issue Without An Attorney?

Representing yourself in any legal dispute can be very risky, and divorce proceedings and other family law matters are no exception. The laws and court procedures involved are complex. It is easy to make a mistake that accidentally gives away your rights or leverage. Most of the time, the money a divorce lawyer costs in fees is a wise investment compared with what you risk losing trying to handle your case by yourself.

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If you are ready to learn more about how I can help you pursue the outcomes that best fit you and your family regarding your divorce or other family law issues, contact me today. Call my San Antonio office at 210-987-3059 or email me here to schedule your free initial consultation.